The bright future of BPM and how to take advantage

Discover the key strategies for marketing your BPM solutions to drive customer engagement and shape the future of BPM.

Emily Fitzgerald
3 MIN|February 29, 2024

In 2022, Business Process Management (BPM) market growth had amassed over $11.67 billion. Despite an overall recession in the IT sector at the back end of 2023 and beginning of 2024, the long-term outlook for BPM is good. In fact, by the end of 2035, BPM will draw in $54.34 billion. While the future of BPM looks bright, demand doesn’t necessitate sales. There are several ways to capitalise on this BPM market growth and we've compiled them here in a handy list, just for you. Scroll down to read them now if you're in a hurry. Otherwise, read on to understand the context for this growth. By the way, if you're looking to engage non-tech decision makers have a look at our strategies we've put together with that audience in mind. 

The value of business process management 

Every business operates via processes, and there are benefits to them being streamlined. Fixing bad processes is an easy way to tackle cost overheads, inefficiencies, and the balance between overcommunication and “autopilot employees”. Business process management is anything that involves the systematic management of an organisation’s processes. Process automation, for example, uses software to automate business tasks. When the tasks are easily digitalised (e-signature for example) cost and time savings can be gargantuan. 

It's a crucial time for BPM companies to elevate their marketing to match the transformative impact of their solutions. It's vital they showcase how they unlock efficiency and innovation, compelling businesses to embrace the future with their tools.

Emily Fitzgerald, BPM marketing specialist, Fifty Five and Five

Why is BPM growth 2024 happening? 

Business leaders want technologies that impact quickly, deliver tangible results, and can be scaled throughout an organisation and BPM is the perfect solution for this. 

BPM solves so many pain-points, including: 

  • Inefficient processes  
  • Slow processes 
  • Bottlenecks  
  • Regulation challenges 
  • Visibility over company activity 
  • Communication issues 

BPM market growth is happening because buyers have realised the benefits. One successful automation tool opens the door to others. And the ROI is generally quick, leaving business leaders in no doubt of its potential.  

Capitalising on BPM growth 2024  

Capitalising on BPM market growth means reaching customers who need the right tools and solutions. That’s it. Luckily, the demographic is large, and BPM providers should cast a wide net. 

Here are five ways to capitalise on BPM market growth: 

  1. Segment your audience, discover their pain points, and create niche content. Rank your audiences from BPM-ready to BPM-adverse.
  2. Partner with other technology companies. Nintex, for example, partners with Microsoft. Their BPM solutions integrate with popular software platforms (e.g. Microsoft 365).
  3. Deliver exceptional customer onboarding. If a customer realises the success, and potential, of one tool, they will expand on their stack. 
  4. Train your customers. It’s not enough to advertise benefits. Educational content is vital to train your customers, and it also demonstrates value. A step-by-step video guide shows how the tech really works
  5. Invest in market research. The BPM market is expanding generally, but from sector to sector, needs will vary. A sector under budgetary constraints might opt for a low-cost tool. A sector like construction, with low technology literacy, might opt for a no-code, or “citizen developer” tool. Make sure you’re speaking to your audience. 

BPM trends 2024  

The BPM market is growing, but what about the trends that sit within it? With generative AI on the rise, and automation becoming mainstream, BPM trends 2024 look something like this: 

  • BPM democratisation: “no code” and citizen developer tools are on the rise. The market has been growing year-on-year – from $3.47 billion in 2019, to an estimated $12.3 billion in 2024 
  • Key takeaway: Make it clear to your customer that no-code BPM tools can be used anywhere, and by anyone. 
  • Integration of BPM into other platforms: large software providers, like Microsoft and Salesforce, have been incorporating BPM into their platforms for a while. Whilst vendor consolidation (i.e. one tech provider) is a trend, B2B buyers are looking for software solutions that do more for less. 
  • Key takeaway: Demonstrate the integration potential of your BPM tool. A visual infographic, or one pager, could show off how seamless your tool is. 
  • Automated process discovery: unravelling which processes were “ripe” for automation used to be a manual effort. Now this can also be automated. Brands like Nintex offer solutions like Kyron Process Discovery 
  • Key takeaway: advertise your BPM solutions as “end-to-end". Show the journey, for example, from process discovery through to analysis of process metrics. 

Reaching BPM buyers in 2024 

The current BPM market growth signifies that people are actively seeking solutions. For BPM vendors, capitalising on this market growth is essential. Following the steps above, and keeping a keen eye on BPM trends, is a sure-fire way to capture market share. If you find this article valuable you might also like our post on broader technology predications for 2024.   


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