How Threads by Instagram is reshaping B2B social media strategies

Introducing Threads by Instagram. What is it, how does it compete with Twitter/X, and how is it reshaping B2B social media strategies? Read the blog to find out.

Pranita Tamang
4 MIN|August 14, 2023
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Threads by Instagram is a fresh entrant into the B2B social media world. What exactly is it? And how does it stack up against its competitors?

In this blog, we’ll delve into the potential impact of Threads on the B2B marketing landscape. We’ll explore how it differentiates from Twitter/X and the unique opportunities Threads presents for B2B marketing.

What is Threads by Instagram?

Threads by Instagram, launched in early July, quickly rose to prominence as one of the fastest-growing apps in the digital space. Within the first 7 hours of launch, Threads had 7 million users. By day 5, there were more than 100 million users signing up, making Threads the fastest-growing app ever. Such rapid adoption underscores the app’s appeal and potential in the realm of B2B social media.

A pivotal aspect of Threads is its integration with Instagram. This integration means that existing Instagram users can sign up for Threads using their Instagram credentials, allowing for a unified experience across both platforms. Photos, stories, and certain profile details are synchronized, ensuring a cohesive user journey. For non-Instagram users, while Threads is accessible, they might miss out on some integrated features and would need to create a new account.

Targeting a young demographic who prefer immediate and personal communication, the app’s design and features emphasise fostering connections and in-the-moment interactions rather than extended engagements. This helps set itself apart from more expansive network platforms. At its heart, Threads champions text-based messaging, augmented by a camera-centric design for spontaneous moments.

But then what sort of opportunities does Threads present for B2B marketers? For the answer to that we need to compare Threads with Twitter/X.

Threads vs. Twitter/X: A deeper dive

When it comes to B2B social media, Threads’ contrast with Twitter, now known as X, is particularly intriguing. For B2B marketers, understanding the nuances can be the key to effective engagement on either platform. So, what are the differences?


1. Content structure: Threads is tailored for extended narratives and discussions, with its 500-characer limit; allowing users to craft a series of connected tweets for a more comprehensive exploration of a topic. This structure contrasts with Twitter (X), which is renowned for its concise communication. Tweets on X are capped at 280 characters, promoting succinct expression ideal for quick updates or sharing brief thoughts. While Threads enable users to delve deeper into subjects, X’s character limit challenges users to be direct.

2. Discoverability: In Threads, the content is designed to be consumed as a cohesive unit. When a thread is shared, the initial tweet acts as an anchor, guiding readers through the entire narrative and preserving the context of the discussion. On the other hand, Twitter/X emphasizes the discoverability of individual tweets. They can trend, be located through hashtag searches, or appear algorithmically in users’ feeds. While threads are possible on X, each tweet within can be engaged with separately, sometimes leading to fragmented conversations.

3. Engagement depth: The interconnected nature of Threads encourages deeper, richer interactions, with readers more likely to engage with an entire sequence of tweets. This depth fosters informed and engaged discussions, especially beneficial for topics requiring extended discourse. In contrast, engagement on Twitter (X) is often rapid and centred around individual tweets. A single tweet can quickly amass likes, retweets, and comments, especially if it gains viral traction. However, due to the platform’s fast-paced nature and the imposed brevity of the 280-character limit, engagements might be more surface-level.

Recognising these differences can empower marketers to tailor their strategies effectively for each platform. But it’s also important to understand the similarities.


1. Microblogging essence: Both Threads and X tap into the microblogging trend, offering users a platform to share quick updates and engage in real-time conversations.

2. Integration with larger platforms: Just as Threads leverages its connection with Instagram, X benefits from its broader ecosystem, providing users with a more comprehensive experience.

3. Mobile-centric approach: Both platforms prioritize mobile experiences, understanding the shift in user behaviour towards mobile-first interactions.

B2B marketing strategies for Threads

Threads offers B2B marketers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into narratives. Let see how Threads can be implemented into marketing campaigns and strategies.

Extended narratives for product launches

One innovative approach is to utilize Threads for comprehensive product or service launches. By crafting a series of connected tweets, marketers can seamlessly introduce the problem a product addresses, highlight its unique features, and even incorporate customer testimonials. This extended narrative ensures that potential clients receive a holistic understanding, fostering deeper engagement and interest.

In-depth tutorials and how-to’s

Threads’ generous 500-character limit per post, compared to X’s 280, is a boon for creating detailed step-by-step guides or tutorials. For complex B2B solutions that require more than a brief mention, this platform becomes invaluable. By offering in-depth content, brands can position themselves as industry experts, providing tangible value to potential clients and building trust.

Personalised engagement using Meta’s network effect

The power of personalisation shouldn’t be underestimated. With Threads’ association with Meta, B2B marketers have the potential to tap into a vast user base. By gleaning insights from platforms like Instagram and crafting Threads tailored to specific industries or client personas, content can resonate more profoundly. This personalized approach not only addresses the unique needs of different audience segments but also leads to higher engagement rates. As Threads continues to evolve under Meta’s umbrella, marketers who adapt its features stand to gain a competitive edge in their engagement strategies.

Crafting the future of B2B social engagement with Fifty Five and Five

As we’ve explored, Threads by Instagram presents a fresh avenue for B2B marketers to engage deeply with their audience, offering unique opportunities distinct from platforms like Twitter/X. But understanding these platforms is just the beginning.

Crafting a strategy that resonates, engages, and converts requires expertise and foresight. At Fifty Five and Five, with our deep understanding of the digital landscape, combined with our passion for innovation, we specialise in helping B2B tech companies harness the full potential of platforms like Threads.

Whether it’s building narratives, fostering community, or driving engagement, we’re here to ensure your social marketing strategy not only reaches but also resonates with your target audience. Let’s craft the future of B2B social engagement together. Get in touch today.

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