What is GPT-3? Your guide to the language processing AI tool

What is GPT-3 and how do you use it in your marketing? Everything you need to know about GPT-3 is here.

William Sale
6 MIN|January 24, 2023
GPT-3 machine that takes in letters and produces legible words and sentence.

When I used to think of machines taking over the world, I pictured the T-800 marching over the horizon and letting me know it was all over, in an Austrian accent. Not a tool that can write almost as well as a human after a few simple commands. The GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) is the latest iteration of AI producing human-like text.

There have been previous iterations of these tools and they don’t really capture the human element in their content. It's all just a bit...lifeless. Here we look at if GPT-3 is any different.

What is GPT-3?

OpenAI GPT-3 Graphic

GPT-3 is a language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. Trained using internet data to generate any type of text, it only requires a small input of text to generate large volumes of sophisticated machine-generated content.

GPT-3 is the largest neural network ever produced, with over 175 billion machine learning parameters. This is simply mind-boggling given that the previous largest model, the Turing NLG model from Microsoft, only had 10 billion parameters.

Now, GPT-3's powerful text generation capabilities are being used to generate blog posts, advertising copy, poetry (yes, really), and all other sorts of creative content. It can even imitate the likes of Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and other great scribes.

And it’s not just limited to words either. GPT-3 can also create workable code, websites, Excel functions, chat dialogues in games and so much more. Its capabilities are simply incredible.

How to use GPT-3 in your marketing

Now you know the basics of GPT-3 and its capabilities, it’s time to see how it can be utilised throughout your marketing strategy and the customer journey. Here are a few GPT-3 examples:

      1. Content writing

From blogs to research papers, social media content and more, GPT- 3's grasp over the written word means that it can generate these materials quickly and sophisticatedly.

Writing a blog on the upcoming trends of B2B marketing in 2023? GPT-3 handles it for you. How about a whitepaper on the benefits of process automation in your sector? Done. Marketing campaigns require many resources to be put together in tight deadlines. Imagine if a machine could give your team a helping hand?

       2. More intelligent chatbots

Man holding a phone with a chatbot popup

Communication is everything to an organisation, especially with clients and potential customers. While some organisations have implemented chatbots into their infrastructure, they are very basic in their responses. GPT-3 can support chatbots by generating sophisticated answers to queries and has human-like interactions – being able to also remember previous requests in the conversation so clients really believe that they are talking to a human.

Plus, with the release of OpenAI’s GPT-3 chatbot, ChatGPT, the level of sophistication is even greater and opens up even more opportunities for organisations. You may have seen articles on this already.

3. Go to market faster

GPT-3 can create workable code that will assist your product or programming teams. Take away tedious or superfluous lines of code to push products along so you can go to market faster.

Also, if you’re building websites (either for a client or rebranding your business), GPT-3 is there to create a mock-up for you. A few short descriptive lines of text are all it takes to bring a rough idea to life.

Take away tedious or superfluous lines of code to push products along so you can go to market faster.

Benefits of GPT-3

Here are a few advantages of using GPT-3:

1. Speed up processes

Ever had writer’s block? So much time wasted staring at a blank screen. GPT-3 can unearth the solution that you never thought you needed. By typing in a few words, you can have generated machine text that can form the basis for your content and help get your creative juices flowing again.

2. Cross departmental tool

GPT-3 is not just a tool for content marketing. It goes beyond that. Product developers and website builders will find its code and website building skills to be an asset when they’re pressed against the wall with deadlines or have creative stagnation. Plus, it enables creative and coding teams to experiment with ideas and see a rough mock-up before settling on a long-term schedule.

3. (Almost) endless knowledge

Think your idea for a creative piece is too “out there”? GPT-3's in-depth training means that it generates nearly anything. That doesn’t mean you can put nonsensical ideas in there and out pops fully formed content. But you will have an ally in spit balling your ideas for content, websites and more.

Limitations of GPT-3

It might sound great, but GPT-3 has several weaknesses that will become apparent after you experiment with it. Here are limitations you need to make a note of:

1. Lacks nuance of human communication

Let me use a personal example. At Fifty Five and Five, we tried out Jasper.ai, a processing tool that uses GPT-3 technology. We picked an approved blog from one of our clients, typed in the title of the blog and compared the results.

Jasper AI thumbnail image with a robot

Reviewing the copy, I did notice that it lacked a fundamental component: emotion. As amazing as the AI copy was, it didn’t make me feel anything. No real creative flare, no humour, no tone. It was simply cold yet informative – just like a machine. Writers bring their own experiences, passion and emotion to their content.

2. No long-term memory

Imagine being perpetually stuck in 2021. Well, that’s how GPT-3 feels. If you asked it a question related to recent events from 2022 or 2023, you’d get the wrong answer. Better not take it to a pub quiz.

The problem is that it’s not constantly learning, it’s been pre-trained. All of its information and data has come from previous sets that outdate its release. Why not update it? Because it’s a monumental task. While its Q&A function is useful, it will be limited up to a point. Though asking it, “what is GPT-3?” is quite fun.

3. Machine learning bias

Remember, GPT-3 is built by humans and learns from humans. More specifically, it’s been trained using internet text – not exactly the most hospitable environment at times. A few have questioned whether this will leave it susceptible to playing a part in “fake news” articles and creators that have their own radical agendas.

Fact or fake on wooden cube letters

Not only that, but with experimentation and probing, it has been shown to harbour biases that some people find troubling. However, OpenAI has been very open about (and published) its faults and are always working to mitigate biases in GPT-3.

GPT-3: A useful assistant

As shown by the GPT-3 examples, the technology has a range of capabilities that can genuinely help you to save time and experiment creatively. But would you really stake your company’s reputation on robots taking control of a project from A to Z?

Recently, I was part of a project kick-off meeting for a cloud solutions client that wanted to overhaul its website. I could see the benefits of outsourcing responsibilities to a robot. Text, code, web development; give it to a robot. But there’s a problem.

The “human touch” is still a critical part of connecting businesses with their audience, something that can’t be replicated in binary code. We can raise concerns, adapt to client feedback, recognise flaws in our own deliverables. We can grow and develop in a way that a machine can’t (yet).

AI is a reality, a partner that’s getting better and more real with every passing moment. Businesses can’t pretend it’s not here. However, it still lacks the emotion and understanding that comes naturally to a human partner.

For now, at least, the pen is mightier than the robot.

Change is already happening

OpenAI and Microsoft Logo

With Microsoft in talks to invest $10 billion into OpenAI, it’s clear that the competition between tech giants to dominate the AI space has started.

The opportunities for Microsoft from this investment could result in GPT-3 and ChatGPT technology being utilised into their products from Bing right through to their Azure cloud platform – adding immeasurable value. For the Microsoft Partner Network, these changes will enable members to offer upgraded MS solutions that deliver even greater efficiency for their clients.

But that’s just one story. The effect of AI tools on SaaS and technology vendors is going to go far beyond Microsoft.

Your “human” experts

At Fifty Five and Five we work with businesses at the forefront of technology, who are using AI tools similar to GPT-3 to transform the way we all work. We’re experts at marketing these products and services and crafting the story that connects to customers. We add the “human touch” that makes a decisive, emotional impact.

If you’re looking for a partner that is at the centre of marketing B2B technology, that can help you stand out in a crowded market, then let’s talk!

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