Working at Fifty Five and Five: 7 Reasons to Join

Like every talented team, we’re always growing. And we need talent like yours to drive us forward. But why should you work here? What do we offer?

Chris Wright
2 MIN|September 20, 2022

If I’ve learned one thing over the past ten years from leading Fifty Five and Five, it’s that you’re nothing without your team. Everyone brings a unique skillset to the table. Everyone puts more than 100% into their role, helping our clients realise their ambitions.

Like every talented team, we’re always growing. And we need talent like yours to drive us forward. But why should you work here? What do we offer?

There are many benefits of working at Fifty Five and Five, but here are seven that I think you’ll love:

1. Flexible working

The world of work has changed. Turning back the clock isn’t an option. Right now, we work three days in the office and two days remotely. While we fundamentally believe that face-to-face collaboration is our best working method, we place trust in our employees to do what’s best for them.

It’s been amazing to see our approach bring great returns in creative collaboration and growing a positive work culture.

We all have a preference when it comes to working environment. Choose what's right for you.

2. Unlimited holiday

Rest and recuperation are pivotal to getting the best work done. It’s as simple as that. That’s why our holiday policy encourages every team member to take the time off they need...and a minimum of 28 days is recommended.

Well-being should always be at the forefront. At Fifty Five and Five, it’s common sense.

3. Employee review process

We believe it’s essential for reviews to take place regularly throughout the year. That’s why we have a “360” review process every three months. Once a year simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to evaluating performance, setting goals or solving problems. Reviewing progress, personal growth, career goals and trajectories is always ongoing.

Ensuring everyone is happy, feels part of the team, is performing to their highest standard and is charting their career path, is how we build a great working culture.

It's important that everybody feels a part of the team.

4. Parental leave

When the adventure of parenthood begins, we’re behind you. As we should be. Our maternity/paternity leave policy ensures you are covered throughout the time off and return to work in the same position you had upon taking the leave.

We also offer parental leave for when working parents need to care or spend time with their children. With shared parental leave also an option, we give greater flexibility to parents.

5. Menstrual leave

This one policy that I’m enormously proud of. We’ve had this in place for well over a year now. We know this can be a taboo subject for some, but this is an area of working life that needs to be addressed, not hidden.

6. Learn and share

Growth is an enormous part of working at Fifty Five and Five. Staying static is not what we do. That’s why we have “Learn and Share”, a process where team members present something they’ve learned or a topic that they’re fascinated with and think others would enjoy.

From work hacks to the golden ratio and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we all learn and grow together.

Chris giving a Learn and Share presentation to eveyone at Fifty Five and Five
My latest learn & share was all about work hacks. Microsoft Search is absolutely worth a try!

7. Company socials

Like any organisation, we have our socials throughout the year. Meets ups, dinners out and team drinks are just some of the activities we do to build relationships that work great together. Maybe you’ll be at the next one?

Roxy making apperol spritz for everyone at Fifty Five and Five during a social
Aperol Spritz, anyone?

Working at Fifty Five and Five is the next step in your career journey. Why not join us and be part of our great team? I’m looking forward to welcoming you!

Find a list of our current available roles below:

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Like every talented team, we’re always growing. And we need talent like yours to drive us forward. If you'd like to know more about our open positions, get in touch today.