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William Sale
3 MIN|December 21, 2022
marketing for technology companies

Ask Us Anything: B2B’s hot questions answered

At Fifty Five and Five, we have experts in every department, with years of experience in B2B marketing and the tech industry.

With talent like that, it would be selfish of us to keep it to ourselves. Think of all the marketing problems that could be solved with our accumulation of knowledge. And that got us thinking. Why don’t we give B2B marketers and other leaders the opportunity to ask us anything? And we’ll attempt to answer every question thrown at us (and put in a few rogue ones ourselves).

Which is what we did. Our Ask Us Anything, digital marketing webinar on 7th December was a success, and hopefully the first of many. It was the perfect opportunity for our team to display their expertise; and for our viewers and clients to get their questions answered.

You can watch the full show here:

The hidden value of webinars

“Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared.” Bill Gates

We love a good quote, and that one tells you everything. Knowledge should never be locked away. When we all have access, and the freedom to question and build on its foundations, we succeed together.

That’s why we held the webinar. Understanding the issues that clients and others in the industry need to navigate was vital. It’s not a case of showing off and putting our deerstalker hats on, it’s a case of handing the torchlight over so they can see the path for themselves and have the confidence to take the right steps.

Highlights of Ask Us Anything

With sixty minutes to shed light on B2B marketing’s hottest and most topical questions, there were many interesting segments. Here are a few that really made us think about our answers:

1. Yes, B2B marketing is interesting!

Our experts agreed that there’s more to B2B than meets the eye. Many people forget that it’s still “people to people” marketing. A human and emotional connection can still be made. It's all about understanding your audience, the value you’re bringing, and the compelling storytelling structure you apply.

2. AI marketing tools are not the enemy

No, robots are not taking over the world...yet. In fact, some of the AI-related tools that are out now will become a huge part of how we do marketing. From speeding up processes to giving us some creative inspiration, the impact it will have will be profound.

Read how DALL-E is ruffling feathers in graphic design.

3. Give paper another chance

Ever thought that the digital world was a bit too intangible? That’s where paper-based marketing still has its advantages. Cross-channel marketing, with paper-based materials featuring as part of the campaign, can still generate results. And it adds another human element to a campaign. While it can no longer take centre stage, it can play a pivotal role in reaching your audience.

4. Don’t leave your content to die...

What we’re talking about here is evergreen content. It's the content that’s made to last and isn’t time sensitive. But we’re not just talking about FAQ pages, it can be any form of content. Look at your back catalogue and refresh content that’s outdated, requires new keywords, or needs a dust-off. Conception, execution, and performance are the pillars that make your evergreen content work.

5. Marketing trends for 2023

While we only had the last few minutes to touch on this, AI-tools are going to play a big part in the future, with more practical uses coming forwards. Improved and advanced chat bots will have better quality conversations, with less input required. AI image tools could also “take out the trash” by recognising bland and ineffective stock images, helping to increase the quality of a webpage. Think of all the tree images that companies use to illustrate growth, the coins for ROI, and that same “businessman thinking” face that you can find way too many websites. It could (hopefully) be a thing of the past.

For insights on marketing trends for 2023, read our blog here.

Put our answers into action

As a full-service marketing agency, we know that remaining on the periphery of B2B technology marketing isn’t good enough. Being at the centre is where it’s at. That’s how our team of experts keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry and know how to respond.

If you want to chat, then schedule a call with us. We’re always looking to apply our expertise to new problems and find you a path out of the B2B marketing wilderness.

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