Our latest podcast – Should Microsoft buy Box?

Box recently received a $500 million investment from private equity firm KKR. Some industry experts are optimistic about the deal, seeing it as a way for the company to regain control by giving it some cash to make some moves. But Box’s stock price plummeted after the news, which led us to ask: should Microsoft buy Box?

In this podcast, we ask tech experts Chris Pyle (President, MessageOps) and Sharon Sumner (Microsoft MVP) whether Microsoft should buy Box in the context of its continued investment in Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. We ask whether Box could bring any additional value to Microsoft’s enterprise cloud offering, and whether an acquisition by Microsoft is realistic or merely speculative.



Podcast image - Hybrid working: is it here to stay?

Our latest podcast - Hybrid working: is it here to stay?

COVID-19 has accelerated the move to hybrid working for many businesses – Fifty Five and Five included. As lockdowns were imposed and offices closed, the cloud became essential for accommodating remote employees. However, now that life—and business—is beginning to get back to normal, what does this mean for hybrid working? Is it here to stay? We called Rebecca Zaagman and Adam Devereaux, IT specialists at Worksighted and asked them if hybrid working may be the key to success for growing businesses now and in the future. Listen to our hybrid working podcast below.

Podcast image - Is this the end of the world...run on spreadsheets?

Our latest podcast - The future of work with Gavriella Schuster

In episode #6 of our podcast we are embracing video! And we have a special guest, none other than Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner.

The current landscape has provided a massive opportunity for B2B technology companies to help their customers negotiate a world of remote and hybrid working, and at the same time take advantage of the need that organisations of all sizes have for technology. We’re moving into a world where hybrid working is the norm, the modern workplace is digital, and the strength of your business may come down to the power of your solutions.

Who better to help us discuss this subject matter than Gavriella Schuster?

In this episode, we’ll discuss:  

  • The changing face of work in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The role technology has to play in bringing remote employees and hybrid workplaces together
  • The opportunity for Microsoft partners to help shape the future of how we work
  • The role marketing can play to help partners take advantage of this opportunity



Podcast image - Microsoft Partner Top 50 edition with Nick Rameka of LiveTiles

Our latest podcast - Plan, build, love with Lisa Curry (Chorus)

In episode #5 of our podcast, we discuss the process of designing, planning and executing a B2B marketing strategy that not only incorporates a unique brand vision but actively achieves its goals, over and over again. Joining us from the B2B marketing big leagues is Lisa Curry, Head of Marketing at Chorus. Chorus is an award-winning Managed Service Provider specialising in the design, delivery and management of cloud services. Discover how this leading Microsoft partner runs a very successful marketing operation.

Podcast image - Is this the end of the world...run on spreadsheets?

Is this the end of the world...run on spreadsheets?

In episode #3 of our podcast, we ask - Is it time for businesses to end their relationship with spreadsheets and ‘start seeing other people’? We chat to Mark Bodger and Chris Harman from ICit Business Intelligence. A pair of industry veterans in the world of financial and operational planning, who are here to tell you to end your monogamous relationship with spreadsheets once and for all or face the fallout from being a tech laggard in your industry. Listen now.

Podcast image - Hybrid working: is it here to stay?

How we did it: The inside scoop on the Microsoft Partner Top 50

Episode #2 of our podcast is about the Microsoft Partner Top 50. For the last six years, Fifty Five and Five have produced an annual inbound marketing excellence report, celebrating the marketing efforts of organisations across the Microsoft Partner Network. In this episode we speak to Fifty Five and Five’s Barnaby Ellis (Head of Creative) and Stephen Reilly (Head of Content), about the release of the new Top 50 website, the transformation from hard copy report to a digital website. We also discuss the origins of the Microsoft Partner Top 50, from a piece of marketing in its own right to a solution that helps partners of all sizes improve their inbound marketing.

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Microsoft Partner Top 50 edition with Nick Rameka of LiveTiles

In this first ever episode of our podcast we speak to Nick Rameka, the CMO at LiveTiles, about brand evolution, pandemic priorities and marketing advice for other Microsoft partners. LiveTiles are a maverick marketing voice in the Microsoft Partner Network, and we were delighted to get his take on the marketing landscape in such a tumultuous year. Nick reveals the content marketing trends he sees coming around the corner and what remote working practices we can expect to stick as we try to put 2020 behind us.