Fifty Five and Five: A quantum leap

What’s new at Fifty Five and Five? We share what’s been happening lately.

Chris Wright
4 MIN|October 16, 2017
Fifty Five and Five

At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, CEO Satya Nadella opened his keynote with the company’s new focus on quantum computing. Microsoft are on track to build the first ever topological qubit, which could serve as the basis for a scalable quantum computer system fit for general purpose (i.e. a bit cheaper than current quantum models, which will set you back around $15m).

As Nadella exclaimed: “New Microsoft breakthroughs will bring general purpose quantum computing a step closer to reality.”

Quantum computer systems have the potential to completely revolutionise how we go about computing (the scientific reasoning for which I could never successfully relay back to you). Satya Nadella himself needed some help from top mathematicians, physicists and Microsoft computer scientists to explain Microsoft’s approach to quantum computing on stage at Ignite.

Don’t go expecting a quantum computer in every household, of course; the system can currently only function at 0.01 Kelvin, or around -272ºC. But Microsoft are also developing tools that can program a quantum computer—a full software stack and a new programming language will allow users to write quantum solutions and applications integrated into Visual Studio. The futuristic aspirations of quantum computing packaged into the Microsoft solutions we’re already familiar with… truly exciting stuff.

But, why are we telling you this? Well, despite the premise of quantum computing being an altogether fascinating one, Fifty Five and Five attended Microsoft Ignite this year. We’ll leave you to decide whether Microsoft’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of IT was a bigger or better surprise than the attendee celebration being held at Universal Orlando Resort, but it was certainly a great week to round off our summer.

And it certainly was an eventful summer at Fifty Five and Five. So, we thought we’d share some of the things we’ve been getting up to recently.

New faces

We’re happy to announce that the Fifty Five and Five team has grown stronger over the last couple months! We’ve had three recent additions to the team:

Fifty Five and Five team

Caitlin is our office manager, who joined in June and does everything to keep Fifty Five and Five running smoothly. Caitlin sums up her first three months:

Starting a new job is always nerve-wracking. But I’m clearly enjoying my new role here as I’m yet to take any of my unlimited leave!

Fifty Five and Five team

Seb also joined in June as our newest content writer:

My four months at Fifty Five and Five have flown by. The work is challenging, varied and always rewarding, and it has been great getting to know such a talented and friendly group of co-workers.

Fifty Five and Five team

And Laura is the latest member of our marketing team, helping with SEO and building lasting relationships with our clients:

“I’m very happy to be working with such a talented team and hopefully it won’t be long before I can contribute to the office’s collection of silly statements and musings from the team with a quote of my own!”

We’re happy that the team is continuing to grow, and even happier to have them all on board!

Microsoft Ignite 2017

After the success of Inspire in July, October was our chance to attend Microsoft’s other main event of the calendar year: Ignite. Held in Orlando, FL and with more than 25,000 business customers and IT leaders, it was a fantastic event.

Microsoft Ignite 2017

As expected, this year’s conference came with some big announcements. The new Microsoft 365, which was announced at Inspire in July, is coming to new audiences in October.

But the big highlight was Office 2019. With the newest iteration of Office, Microsoft are recognizing that moving to the cloud is a journey that requires many considerations. Office 2019 is set to be the stepping-stone upgrade for customers who feel they need to keep some (or all) of their apps and servers on-premises.

SharePoint Server 2019 was also announced, despite many believing SharePoint 2016 would be the last on-premises version of the platform. It’s good to see Microsoft are still dedicated to those who have not yet made the move to the cloud.

And when a tech conference is held next-door to “The Happiest Place On Earth”, how could it not be a success?

One of the best Web Development Projects in the UK

The Digital Entrepreneur Awards is one of the longest-standing technology awards in the UK, recognising outstanding achievements in the digital industry. The awards consider every facet of a successful online business, from leadership to creative direction and development. There are 17 awards categories in total, spread across four areas: Digital Business, e-Services, Digital Innovation, and Design & Marketing.

The Digital Entrepreneur Awards: 2017 Finalist text image

We’re happy to announce that Fifty Five and Five have been nominated as a finalist for Web Development Project of the Year at DEA 2017. We’re honoured by the accolade and can’t wait for the results to be revealed next month!

Onwards and upwards

It’s been a great few months, and a great year thus far, for Fifty Five and Five. We’re looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store and we’re very excited for Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.


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