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Algolia is the world’s only end-to-end AI search and discovery platform. The company delivers a combination of market-leading natural language processing and keyword via vector search – all uniquely packaged on a single API.


Being a thought leader requires insights and content that not only engages your audience but steers the conversations that are taking place across your industry. While an in-house team has its benefits, sometimes you need to find a partner – someone else who can speak your language to help you reach your audience.

Algolia required a B2B content agency that could grapple with the complexities of their industry, write engaging content that fitted their tone of voice, performed well with their readers, and boosted organic traffic to their website. With their AI search and discovery platform serving over 17,000 customers, all content had to appeal to this large audience.

Preview of the text we have written for one of Algolia's blogs.
Fifty Five and Five Algolia assets


We knew that our content team was the right pick for Algolia. Our writers have a strong track record of interpreting briefs and delivering high performing content for our B2B tech clients that engage their target audience and provide immense value.

Effective content marketing in B2B requires strong collaboration and planning to get it right. We assessed our weekly output and devised a suitable timetable to enable our writers to complete 4 blogs a month, ensuring we could deliver on quality and quantity. We put in place a methodology that made it easier for both sides to deliver and upload the very best content. We’d write an outline first, have that checked off by Algolia, and then write the full blog.

Working with Algolia’s digital marketing managers and freelancers, we aligned with their comprehensive guidelines and established robust working relationships that enabled edits to go smoothly.

Extract from one of Algolia's blogs in circluar shapes.
Algolia blog extract


Algolia’s blogs are one of their website's most powerful and effective tools for attracting relevant and qualified organic traffic (especially brand-new users). While the volume of organic traffic to their blogs was already quite substantial, our B2B content agency have made a big impact by increasing the traffic and awareness of Algolia’s products.  

The growth in numbers and percentages in both organic traffic volume, as well as keywords ranking on the page 1 of Google SERPs, is impressive. As the first agency they’ve brought in to help achieve SEO content goals, we’ve delivered high-quality and top-performing content.


Our blogs contribute to a 27% increase of keywords ranking on page 1 of Google SERPS.


Our content has contributed to a 15% increase in overall blog sessions on Algolia’s website.


Our blogs have contributed to a 24% increase in keywords ranked in the top 3 positions on page 1 of Google SERPs.

The Fifty Five and Five team quickly understood our product and purpose, as well as our audience needs. They have consistently delivered top quality content that really resonates with our users and made an enormous impact on our ability to grow our lead pipeline.

Vince Caruana - Senior Digital Marketing Manager, SEO, Algolia

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