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4 months



Company overview

CloudShare are a team of experts with decades of experience serving leading software organisations such as Palo Alto Networks, Atlassian, Salesforce, and Motorola. They are located in Perth, Tel Aviv and San Francisco, and with data centres in the US, EMEA and APAC. 


CloudShare is a business acceleration platform that helps software companies increase customer acquisition and retention by creating highly engaging, fully interactive hands-on POCs, demos, and training experiences in the cloud.

The CloudShare experience is a human one – it’s a product for people. Each environment is personalized for the user and provides real-time interaction between the vendor and prospect.

CloudShare shared their ambition to develop stronger brand leadership within the industry. This is underpinned by a desire to deepen an authentic interaction and engagement with their audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

We were asked to upgrade their website to show more depth to their offerings, better messaging, and a new interactive design that effectively communicates the 'gospel of hands-on experience'. 

Columns of CloudShare's web pages and creative assets that enhance their branding and messaging.
CloudShare web pages


Our goal was to bring the experience of using the platform to life – to show there is no substitute for the hands-on experience CloudShare provides.

We were looking to refresh the brand and update it to reflect the latest in online trends, presenting a clearer, cleaner interface for a more engaged experience. We started out by working closely with their team to understand their business, personality and what the experience of using the platform feels like.

It’s always made easier when your client is passionate about their company, when their product is an industry leader and when they are generous with their time.

We understood that the CloudShare experience was a human one, so we focused on bringing this personal element to life in a bold design – a clean, light vibe with a lively use of people and stylised product shots. We understood that CloudShare don’t take themselves too seriously and found a way to add personality. 😉

On the left purple square are various emojis spread out; on the right white square are various texts in funky fonts and colours.
CloudShare's fun branding and identity


The result is a clean, new feel that helps CloudShare to stand out from the competition.

The refreshed brand saw bold use of colours, photography and iconography to demonstrate and deepen the authentic interaction and engagement with their audience.

To their core brand elements, we added some zing with 3 lively core colours to define a unique CloudShare look!

We bring the interface to life with abstract visuals that show product features and benefits clearly without complication. This is supported by distinct calls to action.

Finally, the CloudShare ‘nudge and wink’ – their unique personality that comes through the emojis and text. Playful and human, but serious and professional. ✨ The key here was using these in a way that supported and lifted the copy rather than distracting from our core message.

I’m so proud of the results we’ve achieved. Our new presence is engaging and interactive... with a friendly CloudShare wink 😉. It’s not only reflective of our platform but looks gorgeous too!

Naomi Stol Zamir, Head of Corporate Communications

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