We are now on step #5 documenting the journey of our rebrand. We have talked about why we started this whole process. Charlie, our Art Director, wrote an awesome piece on the direction he wanted to take the brand. He followed up with more on the route we are taking. Then just last week our Head of Content revealed our new tone of voice.

In this post you can see a tease of the design routes that our creative team worked on. Each of our designers developed unique routes for our new brand; what it should look and feel like. These routes were presented to the team earlier this year and further developed to reach one final, cohesive brand – which we will present later this month.

Charlie Colbourne’s routes turn the idea of 55 and 5 minutes into a visual identity. His concepts explore how to develop this idea through logos, typography, colour and more subtle elements to bring the brand to life.

Michael Redfearn’s route focused on the importance of considering animation from the outset when developing core visual elements.

James’ vision for our new brand focused on demonstrating a correlation between our backstory and our visual representation, as well as utilising vacant colour spaces highlighted by external research.