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We’ve worked closely with TCS on previous London Marathon campaigns to drive social media engagement. For the 2024 campaign, TCS aimed to transcend traditional sponsorship roles by integrating cutting-edge technology in a highly engaging manner.

Our primary challenge was to effectively showcase their Digital Twin technology to a diverse audience, while making it compelling and interactive.

The goal was to transform the marathon viewing and participation experience with innovative technology. It had to be user-centric, enabling both spectators and participants to interact with the marathon in novel ways.

TCS employed digital twin technology for the London Marathon, creating a virtual replica of the event to enhance participant and spectator experiences. TCS TwinX enabled real-time monitoring and data analysis of the marathon route, providing insights into runner performance.

Runners used wearable devices to track metrics like pace and heart rate, receiving personalized feedback. Spectators enjoyed interactive tracking of specific runners. Post-event, the digital twin offered detailed analysis for future improvements.

TCS TwinX is transforming industries and benefiting the running community, exemplified by TCS’s partnership with marathoner Des Linden to create the first-ever digital twin of a long-distance runner’s heart, showcasing the potential of this technology in sports and health.


To enhance the London Marathon experience, we developed an interactive Instagram filter that brought TCS’s Digital Twin technology to life. Starting with an animation featuring Buckingham Palace and The Mall, users are invited to personalise their runner. They select their gender, and the camera transposes their face ‘live’ on the runner.

Once users initiate the virtual run, they are treated to a vibrant and interactive course where their digital twins appear alongside them. This digital counterpart mirrors the user's movements, running through a meticulously recreated virtual course.

As the user approaches the virtual finish line, they are greeted by a celebratory scene that’s similar to the real-life marathon climax. The filter culminates with a virtual medal ceremony, awarding the user’s avatar. This finale not only personalises the victory but also showcases the innovative real-time simulation capabilities of the technology.

Dipti Tewani, AM for Fifty Five and Five, standing in front of TCS ad campaign we created.
London Marathon 2024 Campaign Creative


The TCS Digital Twin filter was a standout viral sensation, playing a crucial role in enhancing TCS’s brand visibility. Both participants in the marathon and spectators were captivated by the unique opportunity to create a personalised, immersive race experience.

This innovative engagement tool was widely adopted on Instagram, where users eagerly shared their virtual runs.

Altogether, the positive reception of the technology at such a high-profile event demonstrated our ability to bring the excitement of the marathon to life. By integrating the messaging of TCS’s sophisticated technology, we made it accessible and shareable to a broad audience.

TCS London Marathon 2024 creatives
TCS London Marathon Expo 2024

69.3k impressions


The filter generated a substantial digital footprint, amplifying the TCS brand and the marathon's visibility.

4.9k opens


And 3.1k captures show remarkable engagement from the community during the event. 



Enthusiasm for the marathon significantly extended the filter's reach, bringing runners and supporters together.

We're absolutely thrilled by the success of the London Marathon filter designed and developed by Fifty Five and Five. Their expert execution of the Digital Twin concept not only captured the essence and spirit of the marathon but also set a new standard for interactive digital experiences in sporting events.

Social Media Team, TCS

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