6 crucial tech marketing agency qualities to look out for

There are many benefits of working with the right tech marketing agency over in-house. Here are the crucial qualities to look out for.

William Sale
7 MIN|February 20, 2023
6 crucial tech marketing agency qualities to look out for

The tech world is making layoffs. It’s hard to miss the headlines. Luckily, none of our clients have been directly affected so far. Even though we work with Microsoft and Google, who have both been in the news recently with some big cuts, we are fortunate that the teams we work with are OK.


Companies that are affected typically have one approach. They take an axe to the marketing budget. But before you do this, there’s something you should know: now is not the time to go in-house or cut marketing spend. Far from it.

You should be doing the opposite, implementing thoughtful marketing campaigns that speak to different audience pain points. Remember, the audience mindset during a recession is survival; doing more with less, removing stress from the work environment. Technologies like cloud solutions, automation etc – the very solutions that you’re developing and selling – are equipped to help with this.

Now is the time for you to supercharge your messaging, tell the story that your audience needs to hear and build campaigns that connect.

A digital marketing agency for b2b tech can help you there. One like Fifty Five and Five as it happens!

Why you need a tech marketing agency

During uncertain times, tech marketing agencies offer a reassuring hand to their clients, with the experience of marketing persuasively as the tech landscape changes.

They’re more than just another agency, they're a partner. They know the tech landscape like the back of their hand. They've got way more experience than you and seen everything. They are sensitive to layoffs, understand the AI explosion in the wider press (and what is just hyperbole), have a clear grip on the cloud and other legacy replacement systems. They care.

FFF colleagues talking together

Take my own experience. I write lots of content for our technology clients and, now more than ever, I see myself as a real ally. I always speak to a client as part of the briefing process. Talking openly about the downturn, and about how the client's products can make a difference, helps me to sink my teeth into the subject matter.

For example, I’m doing a lot of work for an automation SaaS company right now. They have a tool to help companies become more efficient, more process driven, and save money – great for customers during a recession. When I write for this client, I tap into the human element. What are the pertinent pain points for this client’s customers? Depleted teams, process inefficiency, towering and toppling workloads. And how can their specific tool help? During a recession, stress levels run high, job insecurity is rife. My job is to acknowledge this, but then offer a positive solution. Automation tools shrink workloads, strengthen project lifecycles, and free up people to focus on the tasks that matter.

What the best tech marketing agency looks like

While I don’t really get involved in pitches here at Fifty Five and Five, I know from internal conversations that finding an awesome partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many out there, offering a mindboggling mix of services, it's hard to know where to start.

Thankfully, we've got a ton of talented experts, with heaps of technology experience to deliver their very best. In fact, I’ve asked them what they think the best tech marketing agency qualities are. Oh, and I threw in one of my own as well.

1. Talks the tech talk (and walks the walk)

Ok this is mine! And I referenced it right up front. A tech focused agency is immersed in your world. They get excited about the Metaverse, OpenAI and GPT-3 the same way you do. It’s their job to know the trends and pain points, how to be disruptive and make valuable content that engages your audience.

Any agency can get to know your product or service, can’t they? Trust me I’ve been there. Yes, I can do a ton of desk research, and interview the subject matter experts. I can play with the product myself.

But you know what Fifty Five and Five really gives me? A support network of specialists. In my team of writers there is a ton of tech experience. I only have to swivel my chair to speak to the Performance Marketing team for a whole other perspective. Do you know what 8 years of tech focused SEO and paid media experience gives you? A hell of a lot of domain knowledge. Then there’s the Planners and Strategists here that spend their days doing competitor analysis and deep dives into specific topics.

Fifty Five and Five's office, with people working at their desk.

Simply put, I can speak your language because I learnt it. I can turn it into awesome content and campaigns that resonate with your audience, because this whole company is focused on technology. And that is something that might take months, or even years to do in-house. Agencies provide a dedication to knowledge that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

2. Multi-discipline expertise

A tech marketing agency is like a Swiss Army Knife. You need a plethora of tools and approaches to build a good marketing strategy, and you can’t without them all.

Digital marketing isn’t just about one channel. It covers a whole stream of services, which is why multi-discipline expertise is so vital. From content management to social media, paid media, SEO, design, development...the possibilities for engaging and connecting with your audience stretch far and wide. Having an expert in each area is a huge asset that our tech agency brings to the table.

Take talent.ai, one of our clients in the tech recruitment space. They approached us a few years ago for content, specifically blogs. And we have written a lot of words for them. Many by my own fine hand. But because we understand that marketing is a broad topic with many approaches, we were able to get under the skin of their unique problem and suggest the best solution. Content yes, but actually a rebrand first!

Discover more case studies which show our successes in driving emotional connections and getting results.

3. A natural storyteller

Having the greatest product, or being first in the market, means nothing if you can’t engage your audience. There’s only one way to do this: storytelling. A compelling story attracts eyeballs. Its message lands. Trust me, I’m a writer!

That’s where an agency can really leave their mark. They have the resources to find the right story that connects with your audience. They can plot it out, using their vast expertise to bring campaigns together.

Beyond this, they will construct detailed personas to help you interact with the right people and help them progress through your sales funnel. Remember, everyone has their own reason why they need your product. B2B tech has a very specific set of audience personas, that can sometimes only be differentiated by granular details. Tech agencies know this and can tailor segmented campaigns to appropriate pain points for each niche persona, so your message always leaves the right impression.

Personas: Will, Sarah and Stephen from Fifty Five and Five.

4. Manageable costs

Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to hire an agency than an in-house marketing team. If you think about all the roles in a marketing team and their combined salaries, it all adds up.

Our Client Services team knows more about it than anyone:

  • David Tippleston: “I asked one of our biggest clients. They said the very nature of an external team allows them to manage costs better. Adding headcount involves many other departments, pension costs, hardware and desk space. People generally cost double their salary. With an external team they can manage everything from their own budget.”
  • Sarah Schrum: “All of my clients tell me that an agency like us is always cheaper than hiring specific specialists. They get a range of talents across different disciplines for fixed day rates. The open market is much harder to navigate.”


You want a monthly marketing cost that is manageable and doesn’t break the bank. This is doubly true in these financially uncertain times. Whatever project you have, an agency can offer you a deal or package that ties in all facets of your campaign(s), from short term timelines to ongoing retainer service fees.

The costs are negotiable, taking in the unique skillsets and talent that the agency provides. Yes, agencies are not free. But they are fair, taking into account everyone’s needs to find the balance that makes a project profitable and executable.

5. Measurable results on success

So, you’ve put the money into the campaigns, and followed the recommendations of your agency partner. But how do you know you’re getting enough bang for your buck? Simple. The best tech agency will send regular, weekly reports that highlight the success of ongoing campaigns, SEO, everything that you have requested.

You’ll get a complete breakdown, to the minute details, so you can see what’s working, where you’ve overstepped, and how you can reallocate your resources to build greater success. In an unpredictable landscape, you want to know that every penny counts. Agencies alleviate concerns by showing a 360-degree view of every campaign, generated leads, engagement and more so you see exactly where you stand and can make decisive decisions.

6. In it for the long run (a partner attitude)

When the best tech marketing agency is by your side, they don’t drop you at the first sign of trouble. They’re with you no matter what. Your long-term goals are their long-term goals. When you’re down, they lift you up. Your success is their success.

Tech agencies will help you chart goals that you can attain and push you to be braver. To take yourself out of your comfort zone. If you’re their bread and butter, then they will do everything they can to make themselves the perfect spread.

The Fifty Five and Five way

Our way is tested, approved and successful. We have multi-discipline experience, which allows us to pivot toward different kinds of campaigns, in various industry conditions.


We are ready to spearhead your campaigns. Let's talk about your future ambitions! Oh, and if you get in touch, mention you read my post?