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5 years



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The Information Lab is a top European Tableau partner, specialising in data analytics. Their sister company, The Data School, trains people to use business intelligence tools like Tableau and Alteryx, and offers placements with premium clients like UBS, PwC and LNER.


The Information Lab is an established presence in the market, so in launching the Data School it was clear there was a challenge around building a new brand. 

The Data School needed to set itself apart in the market, from The Information Lab, and communicate a clear value proposition to its student audience.

This audience has a very different set of personas, priorities and interests to its sister company.

Starting with a blank canvas and a lack of creative resources, The Data School enlisted Fifty Five and Five to lead with the strategy, creation and execution.

Email content design for Information lab.


We started by getting to know The Data School inside and out. It was essential to understand their ambitions - both in the short and long term. We then outlined a strategy to build the brand, building out an in-depth communications plan.

This laid the foundations for a successful launch.

One key element was the creation of a dedicated newsletter for members of each cohort. We worked hard with the Data School to develop the idea, hone the purpose, and over time grow the reach of the newsletter. The work covered copy and layout, real thinking about CTAs, as well as measurement and refinement over time. 

The Data School actively challenges its students to think about how data is presented and communicated on a regular basis. The newsletter was geared around exploring and highlighting the best of this work.

Every week we had an abundance of stimulating articles and events to fit into the newsletter, all written and created by enthusiastic students.

Not only were we proud to help promote this work but we truly felt immersed in a passionate community built around the pursuit of finding new ways to visualise data.

A woman giving a presentation with a collage of team members at the top.


A dedicated email newsletter for each cohort has been a vital part of the overall strategy, with the number of people being reached each week now hitting 11,500+.

At the outset The Data School wanted to launch and establish its brand. It is now in its 23rd cohort of students, a great success for an organisation that attracts the best talent in the world of data visualisation and analytics.

Our ambition was to launch and build a respected brand to attract the best talent for our student cohorts. The newsletters from Fifty Five and Five were an invaluable way for us to develop The Data School’s brand.

Andy Kriebel, Head of Data School, The Data School

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