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Cato Networks

A creative approach to the eBook format

Cato Networks provides organizations with a cloud-based and secure global SD-WAN. Cato delivers an integrated networking and security platform that securely connects all enterprise locations, people, and data. The Cato Cloud cuts MPLS costs, improves performance between global locations, eliminates branch appliances, provides secure Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrates mobile users and cloud datacenters into the WAN.

EA guide for choosing the right cloud provider

Cato Networks wanted to provide their customers with a useful guide that helps readers decide which of the three major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure and Google – is right for their business. The obvious choice was a feature-by-feature comparison table. However, this approach has its limits – the features of cloud providers will naturally keep on evolving, meaning a comparison table would date very quickly. Another drawback is that long lists of feature comparisons can be hard to digest and a turn-off for readers. Finally, such a comparison table had been produced before by other providers. An alternative was needed.

Cato engaged with Fifty Five and Five to develop a concept which would help customers compare cloud providers, offering more value than a standard comparison table. Rather than purely looking at feature lists, we outlined the three most important factors which affect the choice of a cloud provider. We then ranked each of the vendors against these factors.

More value for the audience

The eBook was well received and was downloaded many times. By focusing more attention on the reader’s needs, the eBook provided much greater value, providing a concrete measure against which they could compare vendors and then decide which was right for them. Ultimately, this led readers to see Cato Networks as a reliable, practical and informed brand, increasing the chances that those readers would come back to Cato for more help further down the line.

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“We were very pleased with how Fifty Five and Five took this brief and ran with it. They developed a really interesting concept which our audience would find valuable. They were easy to work and communicate with.”

- Idan Hershkovich, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Cato Networks.

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