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A microsite with a unique look and feel

bluesource is a multi-award-winning, globally trusted IT consultancy on a mission to remove IT complexity and help organisations across every industry leverage the best technologies and drive innovation.

Standing out in a crowded market

bluesource were looking for help to create a microsite to promote its workplace intranet solution, SmartSites. For bluesource, SmartSites represented something completely different to any of its other offerings. They wanted something unique in terms of look and feel. Therefore, the SmartSites microsite had to have its own identity and brand, but also it needed to stand out in what is a competitive market.

bluesource sought us out for the project because we had worked together before. They knew our competencies and were confident they were in safe hands.

How the process worked

At the outset of the project, we began by sitting down with the bluesource team and assessing how best to market the new product. From these initial duscussions we developed the SmartSites site map, which outlined what pages would be needed and how they would connect to provide a seamless user experience. This was followed by the design concept to determine the look and feel of the site.

When this was complete and signed off by bluesource, our Web Design and Build team built the site, creating it in WordPress so that bluesource would have full control of the site after it had gone live. With WordPress, bluesource have the ability to update the site when they need to. On top of this, we provide ongoing support and technical maintenance on request. Finally, we wrote the copy for the site, applying messaging that had been developed from bluesource’s pre-existing literature.

Company summary

London, UK

Company size
51-200 employees

“Everyone at Fifty Five and Five was very receptive to our needs. In terms of the outcome, we were really pleased. The site looked great and it functioned exactly as we wanted it to.”

– Carleanne O’Donoghue, Marketing Executive

What we’ve done for SmartSites